A whole new world…

Most people view the start of a new year as a time to start a new goal. Lose weight, eat better, make your bed. Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, most people don’t say “I am going to learn to be a single person household.” My husband reported for training on January 5th and my resolution quickly became figuring out how to go from having someone who did chores I didn’t even know existed, to trying to figure out what the “priming bulb” is on the lawn mower.

My husband is amazing. He spoiled/spoils me beyond belief. This is something I didn’t realize until he reported. I literally have never mowed a lawn in my life. I haven’t done laundry in 9 months and if you ask me how I wash my car, I would respond with handing you $60 and sitting down with a mimosa and good book. Now, please don’t read into this. We had a nice system worked out. I cooked (quite well I might add), took care of our two amazing dogs, worked a full time job, managed all the bills, and the list goes on. But now, suddenly I am tasked with learning this all on my own.

I am lucky. My husband is only gone for a short amount of time and then he will be home for good. But at the same time it doesn’t change how hard it is. I miss him every day, all the time. When my hubs signed up for the military and signed his name on the dotted line, I knew at that moment I also signed on that same line. My life would be forever changed. I love my country. I am a patriot through and through. There is nothing more honorable than surviving your country. I knew I was not cut out for being a “solider,” but a wife, I could do that. And I did. I am so proud to wear the title of “military wife.” But with that comes the pain of time apart. I miss him every day. I miss the stupid things (excluding leaving the toilet seat up). I miss his hugs and his snoring and his smell.

But, I am lucky. I can take this time to become a better version of me. How many married people get the opportunity to take months out of their marriage to change themselves and become a better person? I am so excited about the possibility of surprising my hubs with a whole new me. It’s difficult to change when you are stuck in the same situation everyday, but when your life drastically changes it gives you new opportunities.

I am lucky. My husband is doing something bigger than us, bigger than him and me. He is changing the world. He is being my knight in shining armor. He is bettering himself. My hope is he trains every day, and never once has to worry about home. Home is always here for him. There are two over-sized fur babies waiting to smoother him in kisses and bruise his knees with overly excited tail wags. There is a now a woman who knows how to mow the lawn and catch rats, waiting to give him is job back.

My New Year’s resolution: become a better person, learn how to turn the weed eater on, take nothing for granted with a mimosa in hand and pearls around my neck.


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