In-door Low Country Boil

IMG_9158 [45057]I love southern inspired food. I mean, I am a southern. One of my favorite things to eat is a Low Country Boil. Different states call it by different names; Frogmore Stew, Clam Bake, and Low Country Boil. And just like different states have different names, the ingredients change based off of regions too. You can add clams, shrimp or crawfish. My love for Low Country Boil started when I was 8 years old and I saw the dads of our Indian Princesses group eat the delicately boiled shrimp, clams, potatoes, corn, and sausage on the deck of the beach house in the Outer Banks while we, the princesses, were fed  macaroni and cheese. Not even Velvetta, think powder.

When I decided that I finally wanted to try my hand at what I can only call heaven in a pot, I knew I had to get it right. And oh did I get it right. I did what any good 21st century woman would do, and I looked to Pinterest for guidance. It was a lot easier than I had expected. So I wanted to put into words the amazingness that I created and ate.


3lb bag of red potatoes

4 ears of corn, halved (I used already shucked)

1 12oz frozen bag of small shrimp (skinned, deveined, and tails off)

1 12oz container of Andouille sausage

1 16oz Louisiana Fish Fry, Crawfish, and Shrimp Boil

Step 1: In a large pot boil enough water to cover all ingredients. I used a standard soup/stew pot. Pour half of the Louisiana Boil bag. I used half because I used extra spicy sausage. If you just use traditional sausage I recommend using a little more of the seasoning. The flavors will mold together more than you can imagine.

Step 2: While the water is boiling, cut the corn in half, and slice the entire package of sausage. I did about 1/2 inch slices.

Step 3: First boil the bag of potatoes. I boiled mine for 10 minutes and then followed with the corn. Boil the corn for at least 5 minutes. Add the sausage and boil for another 5 minutes. At the very end add the shrimp, and boil till pink. This take about 3 minutes. The key is to make sure after you add every ingredient, bring the water back to a boil before any other ingredient is added.

Step 4: After everything has boiled down, drain and serve. I topped with a little extra seasoning and served with lemon and melted butter.

The thing to remember about this recipe is that this is considered an indoor boil. AKA not messy. Traditionally the best and most flavorful way to make a boil is to use shrimp with the shells, tail, and head on (same for crawfish). There is so much flavor is the shells, tail, and head but that is super messy. This recipe takes about 45 minutes to cook, which it very manageable for a week night meal.

My recommendation, drink a mimosa while making it, and Chardonnay while you eat it. But hey, whatever makes your heart happy 🙂



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